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Often a title of several words will be trimmed to just a few letters.
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Winchester model 67 serial number dating

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It is not uncommon to find the "3" stamped backwards.

For those rifles manufactured prior to 1921, rifles not found with a date code, or rifles found with ONLY a repair code, these will be dated best by using the serial number list at the bottom of the page.

The first centerfire bolt action designed by Winchester specifically for sporting use. 2003 New 223 and 243 Winchester Super Short Magnum (WSSM) cartridges introduced New Model 70 Super Shadow and Ultimate Shadow Blued and Stainless with new over-molded stocks with rubber gripping surfaces Model 70 Featherweight Super Short, Coyote, Camo Ultimate Shadow and RMEF Super Grade Stainless The Model offered with new top tang safety to preserve looks The Model 9417 offered in Traditional and Legacy models New Supreme Select Elegance, Field and Sporting models offered Dura-Touch® Armor Coating added to many models SX2 in the Universal Hunter Field and Signature Red Sporting added Custom Shop offered a Custom Carbon and Custom Featherweight Model 70 and Custom Limited Edition, New Generation Model 94 2004 The 25 WSSM caliber added Model 70s offered in the new WSSM calibers.

The Model 88 rifles with 22" barrels were made from 1955 to 1973 with about 284,000 total of all versions being made. The carbine with 19" barrels were made from 1967 to 1973. This model was made in 243 Win, 308 Win and 284 Win. Most of what I will cover are some bits of information as to differences and common problems encountered.

Volcanic carbine introduced 1856 Offices moved to New Haven, Connecticut. 1868 Assets of Spencer Company purchased by Winchester. The Browning Shop had begun a partnership with Winchester that would last the next 19 years. The new Timber Scout, a very fast, quick rifle is offered in 30-30 or 44 Rem. The Model 94 Legacy, with a 26” round or octagon barrel, is offered with a blued or case-colored receiver.

This date code is typically 2-3 letters hand stamped on the jacket head (refer to the photograph below for location).First year of production saw 2 machined lips for the front top of the magazine to rest on when it was locked into place. t=431281) , in which a poster talks about being mystified by how a pump-action shotgun, I realised we hadn't had a decent shotgun discussion thread in a while.Several readers asked if the age of their Model 21 could be estimated from the serial number.Unfortunately, Winchester didn't use Model 21 receivers in the order the receivers were manufactured. The carbines utilized a front barrel band that the sling swivel was attached into.Many of the internal changes in these guns were related to introducing new calibers, and modifications related to that.FAQ Q What is the historical timeline for Winchester firearms? 1866 Oliver Winchester buys control of New Haven Arms Company and changes name to the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. The Model 94 lever action is now available in a Trails End Hunter model, with a round or octagon barrel.Answer: Below is a brief timeline of historical information regarding Winchester Firearms: Year Event 1854 Introduction of volcanic repeating handguns. Oliver Winchester buys stock in Volcanic Repeating Arms. Model 1866 "Yellow Boy lever action introduced -- first gun to bear the Winchester name. A Marble’s front sight is featured on most Model 94 rifles.The magazine was a headache from the start, so many changes were related to solving problems related to it, and feeding issues.Then when the Model 100 came out in 1961, improvements incorporated in it were also transferred on to the Model 88 where applicable.