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While his dad played as a shooting guard in the game of Basketball for Idaho, his mother had been Texas state champion thrice at Westwood High School.

Adrian had an elder brother named Brian who was his best friend but their friendship came to a saddening halt when Brian was killed by a drunk driver at the age of 9, while Adrian was only seven.

A second accusation of child abuse has surfaced against star Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, dating back more than a year.

The new allegation was first reported by CBS Houston affiliate KHOU-TV and, notes CBS News correspondent Vladimir Duthiers, there are several parallels to the first case. The abuse allegedly happened while they were visiting his home.

Presently the 33 year old is enjoying a high note both in his career and personal life and we hope that the lady luck keeps working for him and he brings more glory to his team and family.

Adrian Lewis Peterson plays for the Minnesota Vikings as a running back in the National Football league.

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Peterson has also been a member of the Seattle Seahawks. — Impressionable and eager to learn, the Minnesota Vikings rookie quarterback Christian Ponder gravitated to the veteran Donovan Mc Nabb almost as soon as Mc Nabb dropped his bags at training camp.Choosing between AD and Vick may not be an age-old dilemma, but picking one or the other does invoke the timeless debate over whether to play it safe by going for the sure thing or to get greedy The third preseason game is often called a dress rehearsal for the regular season. g) Whether it's Chris Johnson, Adrian Peterson, or Larry Fitzgerald, Earlier this offseason, Minnesota Vikings tailback Adrian Peterson said he was "in the driver's seat" as he approached the final year of his rookie contract.Extending the live theater metaphor, the fourth preseason game is an afternoon performance at the Piscataway Summer Stock Playhouse to work out the kinks of the production and integrate the new songs Bono wrote. He was due to make at least .72 million in 2011 and had a premium ... - -Minnesota Vikings power back Adrian Peterson has a vise-like grip new quarterback Donovan Mc Nabb calls, " The strongest handshake in America." By Jim Mone, AP Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson races away from Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle ... -Contributor Network Aug 26, pm EDT Adrian Peterson has been my favorite player on the Minnesota Vikings ever since he was first selected in the 2007 NFL Draft.While Ashley has been a gracious mother, Adrian after the child abuse case has evolved as a father.The Offensive Rookie of the Year award winner, can be nicknamed as a Casanova as he has a bulk of woman on his list of linkups in his life.Adrian Peterson’s wife Ashley Peterson had a baby in September of 2015, and the only thing I’ve got to complain about is them doing the whole weird photography session where the guy takes off his shirt and the woman shows her bra and huge belly.That’s one thing I will always think is ultra weird.Getting back to Adrian Peterson’s wife Ashley: I really like this lady.She’s got one of those movie-star sparks about her, and she’s always very charming and full of grace.Monday night, the Vikings said they were aware of the other allegation and referred questions to Peterson's attorney, Rusty Hardin.Hardin told CBS News, "The allegation of another investigation into Adrian Peterson is simply not true.