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“Additionally, if the relationship ends, one of the employees may claim the relationship was not consensual, that the employee was sexually harassed, or that that employee was retaliated against if that employee receives a poor performance review from the former paramour,” says Zoller.

What episode of glee does finn and rachel start dating

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However, Quinn ends up having sex with Noah Puckerman (Finn's best friend at the time) after he offers her wine coolers and lies to her about using protection because she is feeling "fat", resulting in her unexpected pregnancy.Quinn lies to Finn about the paternity of the pregnancy and claims the baby is his, citing the time Finn prematurely ejaculated in Quinn's hot tub.Sue Sylvester suggests that Brittany and Santana try to break Rachel and Finn up by dating Finn.In doing so, she bribes the girls by promising she would promote one of the girls to the head cheerleader position.They frequently jump between being in a relationship to being friends because they share the same religion; they are both Jewish.

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During their date, Santana makes a comment about how Finn is cute, but not hot.However, Finn abruptly breaks up with her in Hell-O.Their relationship rises up again in Journey and ends in Special Education when Rachel finds out that Finn slept with Santana, while Rachel was with Jesse; therefore, Rachel retaliates by making out with Puck.However, once Santana is outed on television in I Kissed a Girl, he tries to help her embrace her sexuality.In Glease, Finn calls Santana to help him with the school musical and in Feud, Santana calls Finn to help her with Brody.They get back together the next year after Quinn cheats on Sam Evans, whom she was initially dating, with Finn.They break up again in Funeral due to Finn having stronger feelings for Rachel and feeling like he still hasn't been able to fix everything from the previous year.However, in Bad Reputation, Rachel still harbors feelings for Puck, even stating she is "turned on" by his "bad boy" image.Later in Special Education, she makes out with Puck to level the playing field when she discovers the scandal between Finn and Santana.She shares plenty of animosity with him in later episodes for reasons Finn does not understand until he finds out that she is a lesbian.This prompts Finn to call her out in the hallway to get back at her.