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This is my first post in here, but this forum already helped me a lot. Close() Return ds Catch ex As Exception Message Box.

I'm trying to make all the connections and transactions programmatically (Data Sets, Binding Sources and so).

Private _dgb News As Sortable Binding List(Of Sales Message Record) Private Sub Sales Message Screen_Load(sender As System.

Raise List Changed Events = True _dgb News = All News() Binding Source1. Data Source = Binding Source1 Massage Dem Rows() End Sub Public Function All News() As Sortable Binding List(Of Sales Message Record) Dim sm = New Sortable Binding List(Of Sales Message Record) Dim allnewsitems = News.

ID = membres.[band]) INNER JOIN membres membres_1 ON membres.refere_par = membres_1. Essentially you need to empty the datasource - you could set the datasource to null, but using typeof(List) will maintain the autogenerated columns. Data Source = d Table End Sub Private Sub btn Refresh_Click(sender As System. Data Source = nothing ' Assign datatable to dgv this always works 1st time it is called dgv BHL.

ID) ' Get member id Dim user Id As Integer user Id = Data Grid View1. However, if it does work without that, great :)Public Sub Refresh Data() d Table. Data Source = dt Data 'To fix the DGV not refreshing properly after the 1st time, switch the sort order dgv BHL.

Connection String = conn String da = New Ole Db Data Adapter("Select Customer_Name, Job, Amount from [Transaction] where Trans_date = Date()", cnn) da. Selected Index Changed Dim selected As String = C_job. To String() If selected = "Internet" Then t_amount. Visible = True Else If selected = "Games" Then t_amount. Visible = True Else If selected = "Print (short)" Then t_amount. Visible = True Else If selected = "Print (long)" Then t_amount.

OLEDB.4.0; Data Source=" data File = "C:\Users\hp-2\Documents\Visual Studio 2012\Projects\Delta\Delta.mdb" conn String = provider & data File cnn. Close() End Sub Private Sub btmclose_Click(sender As Object, e As Event Args) Handles btmclose. Close() End Sub Private Sub C_job_Selected Index Changed(sender As Object, e As Event Args) Handles C_job.

Yup It actually work, but the problem is just double the display in the datagrid....example: there's a diplay of "1" in the gatagridview then when I add data "2" the display will be "1" under it is "2" then "1" again and "2"... Datasource=nothing datagridview.refresh dim str as string = "select * from database" using cmd As New Ole Db.

To solve the problem you need to either re-query the database after each insert, or add the item to tables(0) data structure in addition to the Access table after each insert.

From looking over the documentation, the example seems to indicate that Reset Bindings() should be called if I update the underlying collection, instead of the Binding Source directly. I tried the built in mechanism using Property Changed but nothing updated.

looked at Reset Bindings(), but it has not produced the correct result. Reset Bindings(false) and re-assigning the datsource caused flickering with potentiail overhead if only one item change frequently. Documentation for End Edit seems to indicate that it would do nothing if the objects contained by the datasource do not implement ' IEditable Object'.