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Validating windows key

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It is a 5 to 7 year old laptop that has seen much wear.

All but one of the letters on the Key Code sticker are readable.

If you are unable to activate Windows 7 online or do not have the internet, then this will show you how to activate Windows 7 by phone instead with your entered product key number.

Genuine Windows is a recurring process that checks your product key to ensure it's being used with the hardware it was paired with during activation.

I just got my asus stuck un recovery loop so I took a clean install with a pendrive made by me but-the windows version on the usb drive was 8-mine version, OEM and the one which got stuck,was 8now the problem is: YOU CAN UPGRADE by store app WHILE W8 is running so having after the process a beatiful copy(VALIDATED) of W8.1.

Oterwise, if you install 8.1 and theen you try to validate with the OEM key stored in UEFI you just got your ass kicked by microsoft,who won't accept the there a solution?

Keyfinder has a free version and I have used it to reinstall windows on a new drive for the same machine, so I know it works Thanks for the idea, this wouldn't show whether it is on another machine though.

It would have to then go through activation, which in turn would activate the product key in question!

Selling my Windows 7 as used to someone, however, I have lost track of whether the product key is still used on an old PC of mine.We can't simply read the original key code from the Windows operating system because the hard drive has failed.It won't boot up and it won't past the Windows Recovery hard drive diagnostic test.We need to reinstall Windows 7 on a new hard drive as the old one has failed. It looks like it could be one of three possible ones.Is there a way to test the key code with each the three alternatives for the unreadable letter to determine which one is valid.If the product key is found to be non-genuine, or not valid, it's likely that the product key is either being used on another computer or is counterfeit.Try doing the Diagnostics and Validate Windows options.Or have I to-switch back again to W8-validate it-upgrade to 8.1-enjoy the VALIDATED windows 8.1?Activation is the required process of ensuring that Windows 7 on your computer is genuine and used according to the Microsoft Software License Terms.(See screenshot below) If needed, Microsoft Activation Centers Worldwide Telephone Numbers lists toll and toll-free telephone numbers for worldwide Microsoft activation centers that you can call to get your Windows 7 activated as well.A) If the automated activation service informs you that it was unsuccessful and cannot help you with activation, then STAY ON THE LINE and your call will be transferred to an activation operator who will assist you in activating your copy of Windows 7.