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Most cellphones use a unique mix of hardware, software, and firmware to provide service features like caller identification, roaming coverage, and text messaging.

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Now, for her part, the 35-year-old woman, who has asked to remain nameless, was completely unaware she was being sued for a bad date until the local paper reached out to her.

In the below test message, reportedly sent by Vezmar, he claims her behavior was "wildly out of line" and that he's happy to put her "on the books" for the money.

The MST3K episode title is next, and if the original film title is different from the MST3K episode title, the former follows in parentheses.

If the episode features any shorts, they are listed below.

Their first date was to see a movie, which is maybe the first date idea next to taking someone to a laxative tasting.

You can’t get to know someone during a movie, where you sit next to each other in total silence for two hours. The kind of person who’s going to decide whether or not they want to see you again based entirely on your opinion of said movie.

A 37-year-old man from Austin, Texas is suing a woman he went out on a date with for less than .

So is this just the case of a bitter guy who's apparently had his first bad date? Brandon Vezmar wants to recoup the .31 movie tickets he paid for because he claims his date, 15 minutes into , began texting.

In the third column is the film's initial release year, a color/black & white notation, the production company (if known), and the country of origin.

The last column shows the initial air date of the episode (Month-Day-Year).

This is crazy.” She was completely unaware of the claim filed against her, and maintains that she only texted “two or three times.” Like everyone who has ever texted in a theater and annoyed the people around them, the woman said, “I had my phone low and I wasn’t bothering anybody.” She says she’ll be filing a protective order against Vezmar, who has contacted both the woman and her sister asking to be reimbursed for the cost of the movie ticket.

The woman refused to pay him back because, she says, “he took me out on a date.” But let’s give this some additional context before championing either of these people as heroes: Vezmar and the woman met where all day-walking, skin-crawling nightmares are born — an online dating site.