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If you want to combat cancer or prevent it, this page is dedicated to those of you who rightfully believe that such protocols exist. Accepting expensive, temporary, toxic band aids, ill health, bankruptcy and death, is no longer the only option.Please note that whilst natural 'alternative' therapies are complimentary to conventional Western oncology, they have a more powerful effect when not having to compete with the side effects and damage created by drugs and chemicals. CBD's and THC - the active ingredients in the Marijuana plant - were clinically researched in the American 1974 "Virginia Studies", but shut down by the DEA and President Ford. Below are natural choices you can make that may result in consequences that change your health for the better.However, in many countries, marijuana is still illegal. - To heal yourself, you MUST address the source of the physical manifestation of disease - negative emotions, which are ACIDIC and must be released from the cells to heal the body.As of April 2017, the powers that be have decided that Raw CBD oil has no medical value (tell that to the millions of people that , and the kids with epilepsy that no longer have seizures), is addictive (rubbish), and therefore it will be illegal. the United States Government Department of Health and Human Services holds patents on CBD Extracts for using CBD for the purpose of treating of numerous diseases! The stress/shock/trauma/conflict must be identified and LET GO.Six O’Shaughnessy strategies currently rank as Top Performers in Lipper Market Place’s Best Money Managers (for details please visit the individual website pages for Market Leaders Value Small Cap Value, Micro Cap, All Cap Core, Small-Mid Cap Growth, and Enhanced Dividend).Seeks to provide long-term appreciation through exposure to Canadian equities that the manager believes have better quality, value, and momentum across market capitalization ranges.

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Cancer is usually developing within the body for approximately 2 yrs before being discovered.

What has happened in the past two years of you life?

Stocks are selected and weighted based on conviction and are broadly constrained by sector and industry.

Seeks to provide long-term appreciation through exposure to domestic equities that the manager believes have better quality, valuation, momentum, and Shareholder Yield** across market capitalization ranges.

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Let the husband fulfill his duty to his wife, and likewise also the wife to her husband.

We offer a broad range of carefully researched factor-based investment strategies designed to align with client objectives — from small cap value to large cap, and including multi-capitalization and international strategies. market dating back to 1927 and global market back to 1970.

Our quantitative investment philosophy is rooted in the concept of Factor Alpha — characterized by the fundamental belief that factors drive equity returns and should be applied from the bottom-up to build more concentrated portfolios, rather than "smart" indexes. This research allows us to seek innovative ways to continually improve our factor expertise.

Stocks are strategically-weighted and broadly constrained by market capitalization, sector, and industry.

O’Shaughnessy All Cap Core is our most diversified domestic strategy by selection factor, investment style, and market capitalization.