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In Tombstone (1993) he's Doc Holliday, an alcoholic with a death wish; in Top Gun (1986) he's the vicious Iceman. In Kilmer's latest film, Wonderland, he plays John Holmes, a real-life porn star and cocaine addict who was said to have had sex with more than 10,000 women and was mixed up in a quadruple murder in Hollywood in 1981 - 'the bludgeoning to death of four people at a drug den', as the Los Angeles Times put it. But to watch him on screen - he just had a fantastic persona.'In Kilmer's view, then - despite playing the lead in The Doors, Batman Forever (1995), and The Saint (1997) - he's not an A-list star because he's missing some mysterious X-factor. Kilmer even released an album of Nick Rivers songs.