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In the 1930s, heavily arranged dance-oriented swing big bands, Kansas City jazz, a hard-swinging, bluesy, improvisational style and Gypsy jazz (a style that emphasized musette waltzes) were the prominent styles.

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Here you can look up your serial number and find out when your Singer Sewing Machine was made as well as what model you have.

Over the years Singer have manufactured some memorable products, like the original featherweight, 201k and the first swing-needle machine which helped many a student and fashion enthusiast customise their clothing and home furnishings.

Its bobbin had to be inserted into a bobbin case, then the case was inserted into the machine vertically to the left of the needle.

When threading the needle it had to be threaded from left to right.

To expand your needlecraft skills or simply to find a way to get those sewing jobs done explore our website to find the model that meets your needs.

Our range offers products for every level of sewing and every kind of user, for those new to sewing to advanced home sewing and embroidery machines.

The Singer 99k sewing machine is small in size measuring only 12-1/2" wide, this image shows an early version the 99K (99K21 - 26) made between 1924 to 1954. The stitch length was adjusted via a screw and the machine did not stitch backwards.

Later versions 99K31 had a stitch length up-down lever with reverse stitch and numbered tension dial - Year 1955 The Singer 15K is always recognised by its tension unit being on the left face of the machine.

Singer have a huge range of sewing machines at affordable prices to suit every customers sewing needs.Nobody knew about the Limited Edition Singer 301 It is very interesting that everyone knew about the Singer Model 301 Slant-needle sewing machine after the Grand Introduction in October 1952 but had absolutely no knowledge about the release of a Limited Edition of the Singer Model 301 sewing machine during the Centennial year of 1951.Consumers and historians did not see or hear about The New Singer Model 301 until October 1952.James Harden has compiled a dating roster over the years that is very Hollywood, and there are rumors swirling that the Houston Rockets star has added a well-known R&B singer to the list. Those who follow Ashanti on Instagram may have noticed that the singer-songwriter has been spending a lot of time in Houston and has attended a Rockets game or two.Ashanti grew up in New York, so it’s not as if she is repping one of her home teams.Whatever you sew, soft furnishings, clothing, embroidery or quilting for help and advice talk to your local Singer retailer or use our contact pages. Singer has recently pulled some of their dating and identification information from their website.In October 1951 this Limited Edition of the Singer Model 301 were being sold in selected Singer Sewing Centers without any brochures or advertisements, exactly one year prior to the Grand Introduction of the new Singer Model 301 Slant-needle sewing machine in October 1952.Some were given to Singer employees as gifts during the 100th Anniversary but the majority were sold from Oct-Dec 1951, all being purchased before years end. NA000017 Black - NA000018 Black - NA000019 Black - NA000050 Black - NA000074 Soft Beige NA000144 Soft Beige - NA000159 Soft Beige - NA000240 Soft Beige- NA000242 Soft Beige - NA000251 Black NA000278 Black - NA000284 Black - NA000343 Soft Beige - NA000365 Black - NA000420 Soft Beige NA000441 Black - NA000522 Black - NA000732 Black - NA000760 Black - NA000857 Black Submit information about your Centennial Singer 301 Centennial Year of 1951 The 100th year anniversary for the Singer Manufacturing Company was a very important milestone in the history of Singer Sewing Machines.Singer revolutionized the sewing-machine-of-tomorrow with a design to make home sewing easier and wanted to commemorate the Centennial Year with The New Singer Model 301 Slant-needle sewing machine.