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to defer paying interesting on new purchases for a specificed introductory period.

0% purchase cards are available from a number of UK credit card issuers and are extremely popular products.It's also important to inventory your wallet and make sure all joint credit cards are canceled during the divorce process.The consequences of going into your newly single life with jointly held debt are potentially painful: Should your ex file for bankruptcy or just not pay what he or she is supposed to pay, your creditors can go after you for the full amount of the debt, plus interest and penalties.After that, we'll increase it to the rate shown here. It is made up of the standard interest rate on purchases, outside of any promotional rate, along with any other charges you may have to pay.You can use this rate to compare different credit cards.Many people in the UK will have switched to a 0% balance transfer card to reduce the amount they pay on an existing balance, and 0% purchase cards operate in a similar manner.The key difference with 0% purchase products is that they offer 0% interest, not on existing balances, but on new purchases.People with outstanding credit card balances, on which they are paying high standard interest, can save a considerable amount by switching their balance to a new card which offers an introductory 0% interest on transferred balances.These products are commonly called 'balance transfer credit cards' and they are available from a number of the UK's leading credit card issuers.You can include provisions in the divorce agreement to force your ex to pay up, but going back to court is expensive and time-consuming."For many couples, it becomes an emotional game of, 'If he -- or she -- can spend money, I can, too,' and each of them runs up the credit cards," says Tina Tessina, author of "Money, Sex And Kids: Stop Fighting About The Three Things That Can Ruin Your Marriage"Ultimately, you can save yourself a huge amount of money if you can work out an agreement about who pays off the cards together.