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"Congressman Paul is also open to meeting with any of the other candidates, it should be noted," she said, referring to France's 2012 presidential race.

Marine Le Pen is seen as a fresh new face for the anti-immigrant party founded by her father and erstwhile presidential candidate Jean-Marie Le Pen.

Just a few days after Rick Perry officially announced his candidacy, it seems like everyone’s gunning for him.

However, while the President’s shots have gotten the most attention, there’s a slightly unorthodox campaign being waged against the Texas governor.

He said the legislation would make sense if a gold piece sold for in what most people recognize as legal currency.

But what it sells for, Farley said, is based on a combination of the amount of precious metal, the condition of the coin and the demand for what might be a rare coin.“So to give someone a capital gains tax break on the money they make …

Vince Vaughn posed for pictures with a seemingly nice man in a yellow shirt this weekend at a BBQ in Texas -- but don't be fooled ... but Kane made a rare appearance on Saturday for Ron Paul's annual BBQ in Lake Jackson, Texas to talk politics with other supporters like V. Turns out Kane -- real name Glen Jacobs -- is a big fan of the former Presidential hopeful ...Fiore, a mentor to British National Party's Nick Griffin, is self-described as a neofascist.His party is opposed to immigration, abortion, homosexuality, and capitalism.Politics could be a good fit -- considering Kane's already spent most of his life around professional fakers.The conference in Ontario is billed as "Fatima: The Path to Peace" but it features New World Order conspiracy theorists, holocaust deniers, racists, and an openly fascist speaker. S Congressman Ron Paul will keynote the week-long international summit to be held in September at Niagara Falls, Ontario.Republican Representative and presidential hopeful Ron Paul aims to meet with the head of France's far-right National Front party, Marine Le Pen, during her upcoming US visit, his office said on Wednesday."Madame Le Pen has requested a meeting and Congressman Paul has agreed to a meeting, if he is in town, and as of today it looks like he will be," Paul's communications director, Rachel Mills, told AFP by email.A man named Robert Morrow has been on a one-man crusade to stop Perry and has now run a full-page newspaper ad in the Here’s the ad: Morrow, a Ron Paul supporter and “a three-time delegate to the Texas state GOP convention,” is very much not a fan of Perry.He’s previously been promoting a lengthy screed he wrote against the man entitled “Tea Party Fraud Rick Perry is Political Herpes.” In it, he claims to know about Perry’s extramarital affairs because he is “a patron of Austin strip clubs” who has “excellent contacts in the Austin strip club community.” Salon points out that Morrow has previously gone on the offensive against Hillary Clinton, paying for and voicing a series of 2008 robocalls that made the similarly unsubstantiated claim that she had “Hillary knew about and helped cover up Bill’s rape of Juanita Broderick.” In fact, his Perry ad even includes a random knock on the “enabling wives enabling Clinton’s boots.” This comment comes right above a call for Texas’ gay community to out Perry as one of their own.In The New York Times Magazine, conservative writer Christopher Caldwell gushed that Paul is a “formidable stander on constitutional principle,” while The Nation wrote of “his full-throated rejection of the imperial project in Iraq.” Former TNR editor Andrew Sullivan endorsed Paul for the GOP nomination, and ABC’s Jake Tapper described the candidate as “the one true straight-talker in this race.” Even The Wall Street Journal, the newspaper of the elite bankers whom Paul detests, recently advised other Republican presidential contenders not to “dismiss the passion he’s tapped.”Most voters had never heard of Paul before he launched his quixotic bid for the Republican nomination.But the Texan has been active in politics for decades.