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Since 2009, countries with non–Latin-based scripts may apply for internationalized country code top-level domain names, which are displayed in end-user applications in their language-native script or alphabet, but use a Punycode-translated ASCII domain name in the Domain Name System.
This season, for example, Kevin Spacey's House of Cards aired only on Netflix, not on any broadcast or cable network. Of course, to watch online you need a connection through an ISP or data provider.

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There were two families that were looking to adopt me--but the foster family gave the African American family the first opportunity..because they were black. About 40% of my family has some type of physical or mental disability. When my mom was little, she lived across the street from an orphanage and she would visit there everyday and tell them that when she grows up--she's going to go back and adopt them all. My mama told me if I'm going to have sex-- get on birth control. So pretty much, at this point-- I had soul ties, emotional and physical ties, was jealous, insecure, rejected & confused. So now I'm in college and ALL these guys are giving me attention. But some of the girls I met when I first went to college were SO mean to me for NO reason and I was so chipper & nice. Nonetheless, I started getting my crew together & met a ton of friends from all races. Back then, (1982) they didn't have the tests they have now. I have 24 sisters and brothers ALL of different nationalities--my mother gave birth to only one of them. to live a life of pure worship to Jesus with my heart. My mom had ALWAYS taught us that WE are all equal & our skin color has nothing to do with it... He asked me to hold on for a minute and he stepped outside his BOQ (bachelor officers quarters) and stopped the first guy he saw that he knew.Next thing I knew there was a voice on the phone introducing himself and asking me if I would like to come out to the Officers Club that night for a big party with a Western band. I did have to wait an agonizing year while he was in Viet Nam but we will celebrate our 39th anniversary in February.

Just recently, as I thought of the blessing my husband, Bro.

John, has been to me, the Lord took me back to a Friday night in 1991...

That was the night I became faithful to my husband-to-be, not having met him yet.

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I was a college student in Lubbock, Texas (Texas Tech) and dating an airman at the AF base outside of town.

"Ellen, will you put your dating life on the altar?

" This question haunted me for a little while, for I knew that He was asking me to trust Him with the question of marriage.

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This faithfulness was not only physical, but also a faithfulness in heart and in eyes.

I had only been saved for a little while when the Lord dealt with me.