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Professor dating a graduate student

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His provocative argument that wealthy countries, and their citizens, are morally responsible for correcting the global economic order that keeps other countries poor revolutionized debates about global justice.

He’s also a dedicated professor and mentor, at Yale University — where he founded and directs the Global Justice Program, a policy and public health research group — as well as at other prestigious institutions worldwide.

My advisor wasn't the only professor in the department involved with a grad student. These situations are much less common than they were, but obviously they still occur. Possibilities for people or offices to be alerted may include:- a university-level ombudsman, or perhaps a graduate or postdoctoral program office that deals with personnel issues and conflicts;- the department chair;- for graduate students: a department- or program-level graduate director who oversees the graduate program; or- for undergraduate students: an academic advisor or counselor.

If the department is well run and there is a culture of respect for students and postdocs, department-level administrators may be supportive, but it's also possible that these people will be reluctant to confront a colleague about a situation like this.

A scenario that has been raising concern on college campuses might go something like this: He is a middle-aged English professor, an expert on Henry James, who appears worldly and sophisticated in his tweed jacket while lecturing to his class. The appropriateness of faculty-student dating is being discussed on campuses throughout Westchester, echoing a nationwide debate about whether such relationships should be tolerated, regulated or banned altogether.

She is an 18-year-old freshman, starry eyed and entranced by her teacher's apparent brilliance and sensitivity. Faculty members at the University of Virginia recently voted to prohibit sexual relationships between professors and the students they supervise.

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A majority of students, though, supplement their classroom studies with stints as undergrad teaching assistants or researchers, according to "The Princeton Review" in "Master's vs.A postdoc wrote to me about her discomfort with the fact that her supervisor is "involved" with one of his own grad student advisees, a former undergrad who then became this professor's grad student.Not surprisingly, the situation makes everyone else in the research group uncomfortable. When I was a grad student, I was very uncomfortable with the fact that my advisor was having an affair with one of his own students.In the context of a committed relationship, it's easy for a busy student to take a partner for granted, focusing overwhelmingly on school obligations, according to the American Psychological Association's student social psychology representative, Ph. candidate David Kille, in his article, "Achieving an Optimal Work-Life Balance: Dating in Graduate School." You can preempt the sting of being sidelined for the book stacks -- and the arguments and emotional distancing that could result -- by planning fun activities unrelated to studying.No matter how busy student life gets, you can make time for a white-water rafting adventure or checking out the dinner theater two towns away when you both consciously prioritize the relationship.When Thomas Pogge travels around the world, he finds eager young fans waiting for him in every lecture hall.The 62-year-old German-born professor, a protégé of the philosopher John Rawls, is bespectacled and slight of stature."While it isn't specifically addressed in our regulations, I do think that we would find a faculty-student relationship ruled out tacitly by our other policies, particularly with respect to sexual harassment and notions of professional conduct," he said.A Gray Area Representatives from the State University of New York at Purchase, Marymount College, Sarah Lawrence College, Pace University, Westchester Community College, Iona College and Mercy College also said that such relationships were discouraged by the administration though not specifically addressed in college policies.It's likely that they are aware of the situation, but have done nothing about it.Depending on the situation, it might be possible to discuss the situation informally with a faculty member in the department, just to get a sense for how well known the affair is and whether the department has any interest in taking the lead in dealing with it.