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so that told me something, obviously.” Related: Had A Great First Date, But No Follow-Up?
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While some of The Beatles contemporaries fell by the way side in 1965, The Beatles themselves, with their ability to move with, as well as reflect the times, managed to embrace all that was on offer around them, and rather than manage to merely stay afloat, they actually managed to maintain their status as the cream of popular music.What follows is the story of The Beatles growing up and leaving their rock ‘n’ roll roots behind.That may be the only time they can work it in or the only time they’re awake, if you're asking out one of the city's many artists. There are so many off-the-beaten-path date spots in Portland, it would be impossible to list them all.So play to the interests of the person you have asked.This is the case for many modern cities around the world thanks to online dating, but in Portland it is especially so.

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The basic concept is similar to Breakout, but one can move the bat up and down as well as left and right.Your goal is not to break all the bricks, but to break enough of them to find a key which will open the gate so you can "break free" to the next level.Break Free was developed over the course of a year and is written in 100% GPL.Salem, Oregon -- Celebrating the uplifting power of art and its value to Oregonians' quality of life, Governor Kate Brown today announced she is reinstating the Governor's Arts Awards in honor of the Oregon Arts Commission's 50th Anniversary.Established in 1977, the once-annual awards have been on hiatus since 2007.The story of Atari is two-thirds the story of Nolan Bushnell, founder and visionary, and one-third the first and probably biggest boom and bust of the new economy some 20 years before the new economy even existed.Atari was showing that technology is cool, way before the personal computer revolution took place and they were reaching out to an ever-growing audience with something that is still cool today: video games.For movie buffs, hit up Cinema 21 in the Alphabet District.They serve alcohol, decent food, and show a good selection of movies you won't see at the more mainstream theaters in the area.It is the story of them being bored when meeting Elvis, while being inspired when meeting The Byrds. It is the story of The Beatles moving away from being a two-albums-a-year pop group in order to satisfy demand, to being a group of intelligent young men who took control of not only the recording studio but also took control of their own career.On the 6th August 1965, the Beatles released their fifth album, ‘Help!