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Pantyhose chat ave

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Don't forget about or men's selection of gothic men's footwear for the alternative underground culture.

Halloween is sexiest at Snaz75 with our sexy Halloween costumes, Halloween shoes, Halloween boots and men's Halloween shoes.

Certain heavier items will have a shipping charge including washing solutions (.95 or .95 for 1 quart), stocking donner (.95), and bandage rolls (.95).

Our standard free shipping delivery time is 4-7 business days, and is a good shipping choice with timely fast delivery and sent via USPS.

If you're looking for a bit of stiffer, more fishline-y type texture, then DON'T get these ones!

(But they really are nice)I'm 5'10", 230 lbs, and generally wear a size 18/20.

If washing solution is not available, measuring tape will be sent.

We'll match any internet competitor's lower published price on an identical item.

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I wish they made a rainbow neon set that were multicolored.

Free Shipping is also available on Canadian orders of or more. Weekends and holidays are not considered business days.

Any orders below , are subject to a .95 shipping charge.

Here you will find all our 200 plus adult chat rooms broken down into more manageable lists.

From tiime to time we add adult chat rooms to various sections of our site.

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Leg Avenue Hosiery | Stockings, pantyhose and tights from Leg Avenue Leg Avenue is today one of the top designers of lingerie, hosiery and sexy costumes, but its origins are in the hosiery business. Whether it’s feeling glamorous, Leg Avenue hosiery is designed to make each woman that wears Leg Avenue feel confident and sexy.