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As part of our commitment to adding value and for ease of use, the Isis Medical family of support surfaces set-up and program the same way.

Leg ulcers are common in the population in general.

Infection and bacterial bio-burden represents a major challenge in accelerating the rate of healing for both chronic and acute wounds.

The appropriate use of wound filler, in part, determines the effectiveness of negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT).

The Canadian Medical Advisory Secretariat reported the prevalence of leg ulcers to be 0.12 – 0.32% of the general population.

Other reports indicate a prevalence of 1–2% of adults.

Cutimed Sorbact relies on a physical rather than a chemical property to decrease the bio-burden.

Three patients were selected and both the adherent and non adherent types of the gelling foam dressing were utilized. Patients who had a moist mechanical wound that required delicate management to prevent damage and pain during dressing changes.

Results In all three of the case studies, nurses and patients were very satisfied with the performance of the gelling foam dressing.

To remove, lift one corner of the dressing and lift it gently away from the wound.

Whether you are trying to prevent pressure ulcers or you are treating a difficult to heal, highly exudating wound; Isis Medical has the support surface for you!

These wounds can include skin tears, shearing injuries, and vascular wounds on the lower extremities. Wounds with the classic Stasis ulcer presentation ( lower extremity, irregular, base 50% red to pink , no signs of clinical infection,) 3.

Methodology A gelling foam dressing was evaluated with particular interest in the claims of moisture control, trauma to the wound surface, and comfort on removal. Patients who stated current plan of treatment was painful during dressing changes.

An ulcer may be shallow, involving only the epidermis, as in pemphigus, or deep, as in a rodent ulcer. See Bairnesdale ulcer, Buruli ulcer, Esophageal ulcer, Kissing ulcer, Pressure ulcer, Rodent ulcer ENT Mouth ulcer, see there.

Some kinds of ulcers are peptic ulcer, pressure ulcer, and serpent ulcer. See Aphthous ulcer GI disease Duodenal ulcer, see there.

See Cushing's ulcer, Dieulafoy ulcer, Peptic ulcer, Stercoral ulcer, Stress ulcer Ophthalmology A defect on the epithelium of the eye.

See Corneal ulcer, Corneal neurotrophic ulcer, Geographic ulcer, Peptic ulcer, Serpiginous ulcer.