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Kazaa-lite, free music download app, is a Peer to Peer (P2P) file sharing network published by Sharman Networks.

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Since I started reading women’s online dating profiles, I realize women are clueless about men. Think about it this way: dating is a *This is mostly meant for what not to say in an online dating profile, In other words, if you are strong and independent, don’t say that.

When you are trying to meet men through online dating, you need to sell yourself, not list your impossible-to-meet requirements.

I just want teasing/encouragement/sexting though Well you still have to read her blog and find out if she’s down for that. Personally, I use my blog as my main source of encouragement and don’t do much one-on-one stuff. I’m always respectful and we seem to click but she hasn’t messaged me back. Unfortunately this comes down to the individual so I can’t give a solid answer.

Together with their 7-day free trial, they are making sure their website is legitimate.

While much about the future will always be uncertain, one thing is crystal clear: There's still plenty of money to be made by smart entrepreneurs with a knack for predicting what's next.

And even if you don't have a nose for what's new, our annual predictions for the hottest business ideas can help.

Hall says three segments in particular are moving to blended learning: IT training is the first, regulatory training and safety training is the second, and the soft-skills market-management training, sales training and other people skills-is going to see the next big wave.

John Alonso is the founder of Boston-based Out Start, makers of Evolution software, which allows the authoring, management and delivery of educational content.

It’s also more for individuals that are looking to date or establish a friendship.

Finally, it’s of course a personally influenced post so what I talk about doesn’t necessarily speak to every female feeder. If you’re genuinely being a good dude, it could be a reason from point number 8, or maybe you’re just not that person’s cup of tea.

At Elite Singles, our priority is to make matches based on true compatibility across a wide range of criteria.

One of the foundations of our success in this area is our personality test: it lets us gain real insight into what our members want in a partner and helps us suggest matches that might fit the bill.

We've done the research to help give you a clearer picture of what's in store for 2004..beyond.

Check out our predictions, and you're sure to find a niche that can pay off for you.