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Dating usmc dog tags

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There are numerous styles and subtle changes made to dog tags from WWII through Vietnam.

In this section, we will attempt to show the "most common" style for different time periods.

During the Korean War, there are several variations for tags, but the one below is the most commonly seen.

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Black matte silencers are the standard military issue on Marine Corps ID dog tags with left justified text format. The main difference is the use of a "notched" tag or of a "regular" tag.The notched were used from WWII until about 1964 when the regular tag was adopted.I have never seen on of these and I have been doing WWI since 1983!! 2 Indent Stamped Notched Stainless Steel Tags 1 Stainless Steel 27" chain, not shown 1 Stainless Steel 4.5" chain, not shown Note: Silencers were available late in 1944, (All thought rarely seen). These Cameras were heavily marketed toward Soldiers going overseas. E-1093 RARE Model 1905 Bayonet for the 03 Springfield Rifle.Soldiers were discouraged from using cameras at the front, but brought them anyway!! E-1598 Huge hand made Trench Periscope of the type used on the Western Front. It is impossible to say where this one was made or used, but it is made from a broken up crate with round adjustable mirrors on both ends. This is the type of item Soldiers made in the field in the early days of Trench Warfare. 5 E-1534 Very unusual book for American Express Travelers checks from 1917 with exchange rate in French Francs, British Pounds and US Dollars. Production on these bayonets did not start until 1906.What makes US Marine dog tags different from the other military services is the addition on Line 4 of the letters ‘USMC’ followed by the protective gas mask size, XS, extra small, S, small, M, medium, L, large and XL, extra large.The other difference is the elimination of the full name on the Marine dogtags, which was replaced with full last name on Line 1, and only the first and middle initials followed by the Blood Type on Line 2.I didn't cover mine with an adequate amount of paint so they not only etched my print but mussed up the stamping, I'll have to give it another shot later. I still wear rubber borders on my current tags, and had a complete plastic cover for the one's I had in the Corps.They were issued with a white cotton string but this was quickly dirtied, dyed, or replaced with a chunk of leather or a Boondocker lace. I've never seen rubber bordered tags from that era, but that doesn't mean a thing, they probably figured something out. My Grandfather died a couple of years ago and I found his dog tags today.