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Students, they spend hours talking to other students...

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We were in a small town and we kept on running into them in the local cafes (there were only 2).We traded emails to practice english/spanish and stay in touch.

This is the story of how they met and fell in love. the first American he met from Elizabethtown College was Kira.Relationships already by nature will have their share of miscommunications and misunderstandings, but maybe even more so when two people come together from two different countries and cultures. I mean, I’m a pretty introverted guy who doesn’t talk much when first meeting people, but luckily, I wanted help with learning Korean, and was able to meet her.Hyo is also introverted which means we mesh pretty well and can understand each other better most of the time.If you don’t know their native language, are you willing to learn it?The ability to communicate effectively in a relationship is essential for the relationship’s success.You should ask yourself the following four questions to make sure you’re prepared to be in a serious relationship with someone who is from another country.When you date someone from another country, you’re bound to run into cultural differences.When you are talking to someone in another country, initially you also will be chatting to many people.After a while, you will only have a few correspondents.In January 2010 Alex left Mexico to attend Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania for one semester to study international business. For Kira, Alex was the first International student she met.Kira is from New Jersey and was attending Elizabethtown College, or E-Town what most students call it, studying biology.