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Let’s just assume your ex is a drug that you are addicted to and the only way you can stop addiction of this drug is go cold turkey. When you go no contact, it means It’s exactly like going cold turkey on something you are addicted to.
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Dating a woman who wears a wig

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A question for women who think a toupee is ridiculous (which I agree with): If you meet a guy who thinks women who dye their hair is ridiculous, would you stop dying your hair? Doesn't a scalp feel different than a toupee (assuming you touch he scalp)? I've only dated one man that wore a hairpiece---and it was because he had been in a bad motorcycle accident and had a huge surgical scar on the crown of his head where a metal plate had been inserted---the hair never grew back there.

I find it kind of comical when I see older women on here and very few have gray or white hair. What about guys who use Grecian Formula to get the gray out? He wore a round 5" piece that covered the scar only. When he reached up to scratch his head, it shifted.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. He denied it, said everyone thought it was a wig but it wasn't. Wearing a wig/toupee has everyone focusing on that rather than you. I feel for men who lose their hair, know how I'd feel but there's worse things that happen as we age. no point to my story,, just humor,,,, and yes,, i prefer hair,,... Strange how he got by for years with thinning hair and then all of a sudden he has a forrest. My wife died of cancer,, and i don't think their is one of us on here who would disrespect a man or a woman or child who was affected with that horrible disease...

I have seen a few profiles with men quite obviously wearing a toupee/wig and have to ask people out there in Forum Land your opinon's on Toupee's/wigs.1. Must be horrible worrying about who will "find out" too. I guess vanity is of the utmost importance to some people. so I am guessing this has nothing to do with your post..... I have not singled out women/men which is why I used the term's toupee/wigs.

Men that wear toups to hide baldness always look ridiculous and come across as insecure, in my opinion. Upon witnessing this, my interest level in him plummeted.

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Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... I would think this would fall under "matters of taste." OMG,, you brought back a memory,,when I was 16,, i met this woman at a party,,she was 28/30 I think,, we partied most of he night,, she took me home,, yes for sex,,while we were undressing,, she took off a wig and set on her bed post, and she was bald, I was like speechless,,,later I learned she was an alcoholic..

She recently bought a brunette wig to wear to ITV Audience With.

She said: “The show was followed by a party with the cream of show business.

I bought a wig three days ago and decided to wear it out for the first time tonight. Two years ago I bought my first cheap kanekalon wig off of ebay, it was not more than 15 bucks, but the quality was... I wish I had a cool hat(velvet, slouchy) to wear out. Reasonable diet: Vitamin deficiency is one of the factors leading to hair loss. My favorites are lace front wigs which really works for me better than most... I had dyed my hair a lot, so I hot it cut short and got extensions to give my natural hair a break. I was enjoying a smoothie and resting on a bench at a local shopping mall this week, confident in my blonde, descending bob. I'm a natural blonde but I prefer a blonde wig it just... Maybe it's because I get to kinda be someone else for a little bit someone more exciting and more entertaining or maybe it's because I grew up to believe if I didn't change some part of me to...

My friend was having a dinner party, I'd know four people there and there'd be eight strangers. My hair is blonde, I got as close a match as I could... I started wearing wigs two years old after a horriable relaxer accident took out some of my hair. But in case I ever get a job in the next few months..... In addition, the lack of protein is one of the factors affecting hair loss, hair will become more and more scarce, hinder healthy growth of hair. As I looked ahead of me near the escalators, a group of four young people came walking toward me on their way to turning onto the escalator to go down one... Probably impossible to keep up and totally unpracticle but it's soooo sexy.(from Vegas wigs - almost impossible to get stuff like this here in Europe) the site refuses to embed the picture......) I recently got into wigs (ebay is great place to buy for good prices). They are so easy to wear - and great for bad hair days.

“When I saw the pictures, enough was enough,” she admitted.

But since then she has spent her time desperately trying to keep her hair on in public and lying to people about whether she was wearing fake hair, she said.

Would it bother you IF the said person was in denial about wearing a Toupee/wig? How would you feel if in that moment of orgasm you ripped their toupee/wig off? Do you prefer the person you fancy to wear a toupee/wig or would you prefer 'a la natural'? To me it's all about the person and not their hair. Yes it certainly is a matter of taste, but you haven't answered the questions Mr aspenjack. And wouldn't you figure it out in the shower, bed, pool, beach, or ?

This is one of those things I think is OK for a woman, but not men. Women can dye, weave and add extensions or whatever to their hair, wear makeup, push-up bras, nylons... As "Ruler of the universe," I would think you'd have advisors to help you with the simple questions, such as this.

She says she disagrees with expensive real hair wigs and instead uses the “cheap and cheerful nylon variety”.

“Alas, I have eventually learned that on me, it looks exactly like what it is — a cheap wig on a desperate woman with baby-fine hair,” “This is why I've decided to come clean about my secret wig addiction — and give them up from now on.” She said her addiction was initially inspired by famous sex symbols who openly spent their lives wearing fake hair.