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Consolidating all photos in iphoto

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So what do you do if you want to consolidate them all before migrating to Photos on your Mac?

You can do that through the File Import menu item, or by dragging and dropping images from one library into another using the file system.It will be able to merge libraries among other things the original i Photo Library Manager can do. The closest guesstimation would be the size of your Aperture library, plus the size of your originals folder if you work referenced.I'm sure there will be discrepancy but I don't think there's any good way to calculate that.Fortunately, it’s very easy to add an i Photo library into the Mac Photos app at any time.If you already have a busy Photos library, you’re going to be working with two different image libraries now, which is why it’s generally best to allow Photos app to pull in your i Photo or Aperture library on first launch.I don't know how much space it'll leave for other things on your system, but hopefully it's reasonably clever and monitors everything else going on in your Mac and doesn't just take up every last bit of available space. Is there any way to guesstimate the i Cloud space needed before jumping down this rabbit hole?will be updated as a new product called Power Photos. It all sounds great in theory - but not so great if it comes with a hefty monthly “subscription” fee for Apple to hold your photos.I have a client who is having a lot of trouble managing his photos.He has multiple copies in multiple Aperture and i Photo libraries, imports from old PCs, etc.My comment was more guideline rather a complete answer.If you want the raw and jpeg be consider as duplicate you simply need to add an First off make backups of everything (especially when trusting strangers on the internet to help you :-) i Photo/Aperture store the photos in libraries which are semi-opaque.