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What are the things you better avoid saying to a potential date?

Surprisingly: “Happy birthday” scores really badly, although that might have to do with the fact that one is overloaded with birthday wishes on that day.

I was super excited, because I was really into this guy. There was a lot face-touching and intense eye contact. I saw a few photos, and then a David Sedaris book that I love. He started talking disparagingly about Black Lives Matter.

I asked him about the Sedaris book and he said he hadn’t read it yet. I was like, “Ha ha, this is funny.” And he responded, “Well, actually the guy raises some valid points. This entire conversation happened in five minutes, while I was frantically getting dressed to leave.

His family moved to Kansas while he was a boy, and he received his bachelor's degree from Southwestern College in Winfield, Kansas, in 1924.

After graduating from Southwestern, Voris went to Indiana University to pursue his Ph. in zoology, arriving in the fall of 1925; he received his doctorate under Kinsey's direction three years later.

We’d been chatting for all of a day, and we agreed to meet at a bar in downtown San Diego. He showed up at the bar, and he was super handsome. I was probing a bit because I knew he was from Texas, and I wanted to find out if he was a Republican, or a bad person.

I met this guy on Tinder about two months ago, a few days after I’d moved from Toronto to San Diego. A couple things came up as we were getting to know each other.

Being polite always works as well: checking if you’re not disturbing guarantees a friendly answer.

We disagreed on gun control, because he’d served in the Marines.

San Diego is a big military town, so there are a lot of those types of people around. We went out to some other bars, had some more drinks, and he invited me back to his place. At some point I got up and sauntered over to his bookcase, because I wanted to see what he was into.

Voris loved fieldwork and the outdoors, but he was not destined to be a great scholar.

He was, however, a gifted teacher, and after receiving his degree, he got a job at Southwest State Teachers College in Springfield, Missouri.

Twitter user Khadijah and her man got married this week in Mumbai, they began a relationship via DM 2 years ago.

The couple said they weren’t able to meet earlier due to distance.

Structural sexual objectification of women draws that instant out into an entire matrix of hurt.

It tells us that women are bodies first, idealized, subservient bodies, and men are not.”Really, the fact that someone who so blatantly embraced such a view could still capture as many votes as Trump did is a is proof positive that to a lot of Americans, women (and anyone else viewed as less-than because they’re not cisgender men) aren’t actually humans.

But then, right beside it, I saw a book about Donald Trump. Mexicans are taking our jobs.” Meanwhile I’m a Canadian expat who just moved to America. I wasn’t there to argue, and I felt deeply uncomfortable.

I got a Lyft home and I thought I was done with him. He said, “Hope you’re still not upset over politics LOL.” I explained that it’s hard for me to remain attracted to someone whose views are so different from mine, and who believes in bigotry and xenophobia—which sucked, because the sex was amazing.