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Oregon-based teacher Kayla Eby enlisted the help of her Photoshop-savvy friends to trick her husband into believing she brought a real coyote into their house . Though her husband was a tad skeptical from the start, clearly asking if it's a joke, he continues to fall for it until Kayla reveals at the very end that it was, in fact, one giant hoax. It may sound like a difficult prank to pull off, but her husband fell into the trap a little easily.The result becomes some kind of weird verbal sex tennis.The classified advertisement site built by Craig Newmark in 1995 has played host to some of the biggest pranks ever promoted online.So before going shopping for your next TV or one-night stand, you might want to familiarize yourself with these 10 Craigslist Pranks That Went Wrong.Four whole months before April Fools' Day, one devoted prankster already blew us out of the water with her perfectly executed practical joke. Kayla pretended to believe the fake coyote was actually a dog and sent photoshopped pictures of the animal sitting next to a child on a couch.Hamish and Andy worked out that using their office phone system, they could connect two separate lines on a conference call without having to speak themselves.Obviously the only logical way to use this technology is to ring two phone sex lines and have the girls chat to each other without knowing what's going on.

They settled on an outrageously eco-friendly vibrator, and soon everyone from product designers to copywriters were working on it. Looking at the reaction to their little prank, they wondered if it was as farfetched as they had assumed.

When they hop up for a bathroom break, change their social media birthday in their information to ... They will be flooded with birthday wishes and confusion.

Also, they may or may not unfriend you once they learn you are to blame.

This one is even better if you're dating someone and they see this pic and comment on said post. Then, either straight up announce that you're moving, or post a subtle hint that you are getting ready to uproot your life and move on to greener pastures. It is great for putting on burgers, french fries, and (hot take) scrambled eggs.

All of that said, I do think there are ways to mess with people on April Fools Day without making them feel embarrassed or causing them actual physical pain (see: every prank my brother has ever played on me in the history of time immemorial). The kind of photos that make you go "cool, so, a lifelong commitment to the love of her life and she is showing us the ring and not the dude, classy"? Snap a pic of yourself wearing a friend's sparkler or jus a piece of costume jewelry and coyly announce your own marriage. Moving on Post a photograph of a city, town, or even country that is very, very, very effin' far from where you live.

If you are planning to spend Saturday morning in bed, here are some of the best text pranks you can carry out without having to put any physical effort in.

And for those who are on the weekend shift – here are the best office pranks you can start preparing for now.

But did you know that if you pour it all over your hand and post a dramatically staged photograph on Instagram and add like #justcutoffmywholehandohgodthelightisdimming people all across the globe will send ambulances to your location?

Nothing says April Fools Day like making those who love you think you're in mortal peril, right? The Fugitive So, this one is a little bit invasive, proceed with caution.

This should come as no surprise to those who’ve actually found themselves venturing through the site at one point or another in search of employment, housing, or even sexual partners.

However, due to its flawed sign-up system, Craigslist has served more as a horseplay tool than a community service platform—one that has caused serious embarrassment for several victims and placed many clowns in front of a judge or behind bars.