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Silver marks are usually shown in groups of anywhere from two to as many as six marks.The main reason for this plurality of silver marks on antiques is that silver was marked primarily for Taxation or Duty Collection reasons.Usually, only one or two of these silver hallmarks are the actual makers marks of the silversmith or artist.Countries most notorious for requiring all these silver marks include Great Britain, France and Germany.of jewelry, the right box describes the "mystery piece" or designer.

The workshop was in Oil Mill Lane, Hammersmith moving to 4 Conduit Street after 1918.

These tests are carried out only by an Assay Office, of which there are four in the UL – London, Birmingham, Sheffield and Edinburgh. Gold and silver hallmarks Understanding British or English hallmarking since 1238 Dating Silver by Assay and Fineness marks Quickly decide whether the your object is pre 1975 and its original Assay office.

The Hallmarking Act 1973 changed on 1 January 1999 and allows articles of higher and lower standards of fineness to be sold. Consumers may now choose from a much wider range of goods but to continue to benefit from the same level of protection. Using a British Hallmark Guide How to quickly identify gold and Silver hallmarks that you see in car boot sales and markets.

ADIE BROTHERS LTDBirmingham The firm was incorporated in 1906 joining the firms of Mc Kewan & Adie (manufacturing jewellers, gold and silversmiths) and E. Active at Portland Works, 55 Arundel St, Sheffield (1898-1912). The firm, active in High St, Paisley, became Arthur & Fraser (1849), Arthur & Co (late 1850's) and Arthur & Co Ltd (1878).

It had manufacturing premises in Birmingham and London C. Listed at 7 Hatton Garden, (1893-1894) and 12 Bartlett's Buildings, London (1897-1900). ARTHUR & CO Ltd Glasgow (possibly) A retailer business started in 1837 by James Arthur.

For example, many countries rich in silver, whether already in the form of artistic or decorative items or as a pure metal, exchanged it for Chromium or other related materials used in making weaponry and dynamite.

In fact, many countries, including the US, changed the standards of how much content of pure silver a decorative or utilitarian item may have so that it can quickly be converted to currency without much chemical processing.

The following list is compiled from emails of Silver Forum subscribers: The list consists of designers and maker's marks that have been difficult to find in reference materials so far.

The left box of each row is for the mark, either a photograph or text indicating the name found on the piece.

This is why most American Silver antiques made ca 1860s – 1900 are termed “Coin Silver” because the silver content of such items was the same as in the recipe used in making actual currency coins at the US National Mint.

These protectionist practices for silver (and Gold or other Precious Metals) around the world, especially in Europe and America, resulted in silver antiques having many marks, most of which are Duty marks.