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In fact with the internet, advances in technology and social media, the landscape of coaching has changed dramatically.No longer are individuals constrained to just career coaching or life coaching – now individuals can work from home in a wide variety of niches.As children, teenagers, and young adults, many of us had big plans for the rest of our lives.These dreams are usually unique to every individual.She has helped over 100,000 men achieve real results with women.Known for her honest insight into the female mind and her direct feedback and advice, Kezia has been invited to regularly feature on a number of TV and radio programmes both in the US and in Europe, earning her the reputation for being the nation’s most ‘straight talking’ dating coach.For example, some dreamed of starting a family, some dreamed of having successful careers, and some dreamed of having both.Unfortunately, as we get older, some people will take a good look at their lives and realize that not everything went according to plan. Somewhere between each mundane yet necessary daily task, they got turned around on their intended path in life.

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A coach is a person who been professional trained or who has first-hand experience in a certain subject matter that helps others achieve their goals.The profession of coaching has grown dramatically in the last ten years and has gained more popular acceptance as the industry has exploded. Let's start with some essential qualities that make for a good coach. There seems to be a lot of confusion about what it takes to be a coach. You can find training programs in your area simply by Googling “coach training your city.” Just be aware that some training programs aren't as good as others.The International Coach Federation, the main accrediting and credentialing body for both training programs and coaches, estimated in its 2012 Global Coaching Study that there were 47,500 coaches worldwide, with a third of those in the U. These include: If you see these qualities in yourself, coaching might be a great career for you, so read on . Because coaching isn't a licensed or regulated industry, just about anyone can hang a shingle on their door proclaiming themselves to be a life coach. If the program is accredited, you'll know they had to meet a certain criteria of standards of excellence through the ICF.I enjoyed helping people, so I dabbled with the idea of teaching, nursing, and social work … After chatting with my high-school career counselor, I decided to look into career counseling as a profession — after all, what better way to help and guide kids?But after looking deeper into the profession, I learned that not only I would have to get a Bachelor's Degree in psychology, but I would also need to get a Master's Degree in counseling which would require an additional two years of schooling.As a certified coach myself and someone who has been coached, I can attest to the powerful benefits of coaching. Here you can narrow the field of options by the type of coaching niche that interests you, whether you want in-person or distance learning, the language you want the program delivered in, and whether a program offers financial aid.Whatever you want to achieve, coaching will help you real your goals faster, with more clarity and confidence. Be aware that many accredited programs teach entirely by distance learning — through teleclasses or online learning.At the time getting a Master's Degree was not on my agenda, so I went off to college as an undecided major.If you enjoy helping people and would like to help them meet their goals, there is an alternative to counseling and that's coaching.For that reason, I believe those who are serious about joining the profession should follow the most legitimate, credible path into the career. When hiring, some companies look for business coaches who have attended a school accredited by the ICF or another accrediting organization.That means being trained and certified by a well-respected coach training program, preferably one that is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Currently, there are 150 ICF Accredited Coach Training Programs in the world.