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One bug we reported was the loss of custom color profiles after fast user switching.As noted by Mac Fix It reader Greg (and referenced in this Mac OS X Hints article), this issue can sometimes be solved by launching the "DMProxy" application.Donald writes: "I have been having an issue since the Mac OS X 10.4.4 update. I have to navigate to the page before the unread feeds are recognized and then the counter in the bookmarks bar will update.Have reset Safari, dumped plists, resubscribed to feeds, etc." "This occurs on my G3 i Mac, G4 i Book, and 1.42 Mini.I have never used my *mail* program as a *calendar* tool or note-taking tool, so the "REMINDERS" section is useless to me and always remains collapsed...yet it still takes up valuable vertical real estate.This download is purely an update for those suffering from stability issues in OS X 10.5.6.The main problem users have with Mail is when new versions of OS X are released, there are sometimes connections and sending issues that have to be fixed with workarounds although Apple usually issue updates to fix them.

Everything works fine now and IOS 8.1 looks ok to me.

Note that you can't download Apple Mail as a separate component.

It is part of whichever version of OS X you are running and is automatically the default Mail client on your Mac.

I used robg's method - I just deleted all of the feeds. What I would love is to be able to remove the "Reminders" section from

I use i Cal exclusively as my calendar and to-do application, so all of my To Dos show up in the "REMINDERS" section in

Apple Mail for Mac is extremely easy to use and features and extremely slick interface.

The setup process is extremely easy thanks to the Apple Mail Setup wizard which allows you to configure it to receive just about any kind of mail, including web services such as Hotmail and Gmail.

I also tried resetting Safari, and trashing plists.

If I would subscribe to a new feed, all my feeds would update.. The fix for me was to trash the file ~/Library/Syndication/Database3" Another reader adds: "I've observed this too: Even manually reloading a feed: URL sometimes doesn't have any effect.

Apple Mail for Mac is Apple's official mail client for OS X.

It's a very competent alternative to Outlook and fits much better into the architecture of OS X.