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Just over half of men — 53 percent — think that’s cheating, as compared with 73 percent of women. “It’s a 3-D avatar having sex with another 3-D avatar,” says Wagner James Au, author of the Second Life blog New World Notes.

Ratchet that up to online talk or “Webcamming,” and the cheating meter ticks up slightly: 57 percent of men think that’s a no-no, while 77 percent of women do. “What looks like a hot blonde babe could be a 60 year-old man in Milwaukee.” But at some point, Sam’s in-world relationship with Kat began to intrude on his real life.

They bonded intellectually, emotionally, and yes, thanks to Second Life animations, even physically. Unlike his avatar, which is female, in real life, Sam is a man. “With Second Life, there wasn't the fear of a real-life physical attachment,” he says.

So although he acknowledges feeing some guilt, he didn’t see the online affair as being as damaging as a real one.

It started out as a friendship, as many relationships do. And although they shared all kinds of intimacies in Second Life, the real people have never laid eyes on each other. “The fear of someone calling me up at home.” For many folks, the arms-length quality of in-game romance is what separates a (fairly) harmless experiment from actual infidelity.

But gradually Sam's feelings for Kat, a beautiful, smart and confident woman, had turned romantic. If these intimacies, no matter how personal, never translate into a real-world meeting or real-life sex, can it be considered cheating?

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