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Rather, it provides a welcome alternative to other shows featuring gay male characters by treating its protagonist not as a token or as a comment on stereotypes, but as a dude who happens to be into other dudes -- and that's just the kind of character American television could use.Please Like Me is written by 26-year-old Australian comedian Josh Thomas, whose stand-up comedy serves as the basis for the semi-autobiographical series.The more characters there are like this on TV, the less "abnormal" it will eventually seem, even to the "Nanas" of the world. Several episodes in, and I'm still not really feeling the characters.(I started to feel a connection with Maggie right before they killed her off!

It’s not easy, he says, but “I know my skill set and my strengths. Screen In demand on two coasts, Rannells has a Red Bull-binge aware Ness that this is his moment, and he’s determined to make the most of it.

The New Normal, which has been picked up for the whole season and will air tonight on E4, is altogether more complicated affair.

Before it started this comedy about a gay couple having a baby through a surrogate was already one of the most talked about new shows of the season.

Grandma Jane is attracted to real estate colleague Brice and Bryan's production assistant Goldie to Latino outdoors studio handyman Chris.

As there are doubts whether both men are suitably straight, before actual dating moves they are invited to a home dinner for an elaborate test process, devised by Bryan, which proves too invasive.

Thomas stars as the hapless lead (also named Josh), who, over the course of the pilot, gets dumped by his girlfriend, reluctantly mediates between his divorced parents, and learns he must move home to care for his mom, fresh from the hospital after a recent suicide attempt.

Plus, thanks to the awkwardly forward advances of the puzzling hunk Geoffrey, Josh realizes -- as his girlfriend warns him mid-breakup -- he's probably gay.

The show was originally set to premiere last year on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's ABC1 channel before executives shuffled it over to ABC2, a smaller digital channel whose younger and hipper viewers were supposedly a better home for the show. "I don't know if what they were saying was, 'Josh, the show is a bit shit,' or, 'Josh, the show has too much suicide and gay sex in it.' People have suggested to me that is why they did it.

Fans accused the ABC of banishing the series because of its gay content, and though the ABC would quickly deny the claims, even Thomas wasn't entirely convinced. I would be shocked if that's why, but I also wouldn't be."It's a shame. " That's quite the departure from Glee's Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer) and the now-canceled Happy Endings' Max Blum (Adam Pally), two gay characters who've earned plenty of praise (for completely different reasons), but whose big reveals to family make up key plot points.

That changed this season with the arrival of two sitcoms that placed gay relationships in the spotlight.

Partners, created by the team behind Will & Grace, was the more traditional of the two, essentially an updated Will & Grace with the twist that it's now about a gay man and his straight business partner/best friend.