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wrote: I am having a problem with ACDSee and I was wondering if anyone here has the same issue.

Basically when I edit pictures in photoshop, save them and exit Photoshop if I then browse a directory of pictures with ACDSee the thumbnails still show up as the unedited picture.

The thumbnails begin to populate and then are replaced with the white "page" icons. I've emailed support so I hope they come up with an answer or refund us.

You can use the Options dialog box to set options for the File List pane to suit your preferences, such as grouping archive files with subfolders, or highlighting image types with different background colors.

The Database Maintenance dialog box displays a list of the folders on your system, and uses icons to indicate the status of database information within specific folders.

To perform database maintenance: For ACDSee Pro version later than ACDSee Pro 2.5, and ACDSee standard version later than ACDSee 2009 (ACDSee version 11), it is also recommended to embed your database information to the files after you have assigned database information to them.

, Smug Mug, deviant ART, Bing, Picasa, Photobucket, Crestock and Dreamstime.

This application can also search for images in your local folders.

The default is file name, location, size, modified date, and image dimension, but you can select other ACDSee Metadata, EXIF, file, image, IPTC, or multimedia attributes.Also, from the main menu, you have the option to stop, play, adjust the volume or view the video format in full screen.ACDSee RAW Plug-In Update for ACDSee Pro includes support for new camera models.Hey Jason, As you discovered, ACDSee uses the thumbnail from the EXIF metadata. wrote: I think I have figured out what is actually happening, ACDSee is showing me the thumbnail that is included in the EXIF infomation, not actually generating a thumb based on the image itself.You can avoid this by going to the settings for the plug-in that provides the JPEG support. If I use an app that allows me to strup EXIF info, including the thumbnail then ACDSee then generates a thumbnail based on the picture contents, Can I force ACDSee to do this automatically?With the help of this program, you can take your digital photos to the highest standard.ACDSee Pro will help get you there fast, with all the tools you need for everything you shoot.Its really odd and makes browsing edited images difficult.I have tried everything I could think of, deleting my thumbnail DB in ACDSee nothing seems to help.Flash Player FLV Show is a player for the web video format FLV and SWF with a friendly interface.It is easy to install, it has a simple menu, from which you can open FLV videos, MP3 files or insert an URL to You Tube.