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Our native French speaker teachers present the language and culture through tailored activities all in French.Children learn how to introduce themselves and others in French, express their wishes, needs, and desires.Sometimes, tumor marker values may rise after effective treatment (due to cell lysis), but the increase may not portend treatment failure.

Behind the relaxed and playful atmosphere, there is a carefully designed structure to the workshops.

There is a unit progress tests for every unit of the course, focusing on the core grammar, vocabulary and functional language from the unit.

After each test, students are directed to personalised practice, depending on the score they achieved, so they focus on the areas that will benefit them most.

Description: We run small classes for age 4 to 10 at different levels.

Our children’s classes are based on innovative French immersion teaching methods that make language-learning serious and fun.

Teacher, UK "The best bit for me is the Everyday English sections — I really enjoy teaching with the video clips.

The situations are hilarious and always make the students laugh, which is a great start to the class!

Our approach aims at creating a friendly environment where the children play and learn without realising that they are immersed in the French language.

We want children to feel comfortable and happy in a French-speaking environment, to respond naturally to our team of native French teachers, to play, sing, draw and paint just as they would at home.

Normalization of tumor marker values may indicate cure despite radiographic evidence of persistent disease.

In this situation, residual tumor is frequently nonviable.