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Ten years ago, I cycled solo through Thailand and Laos.


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The patient samples were stratified into three periods after the onset of the first disease symptom and compared with the controls.

Modified Rankin score (m RS) defined the clinical status.

Then after you get the nails done he is soooo happy n runs around!!!! To this day I will never understand why he was wandering dowtown tampa all alone ... He is such a well behaved boy and was well cared for ....... If I could tell his old parents anything it would be "Thanks" because of you I have gotten to enjoy & love my Grampy Pug ..... the walk down to the beach is getting to be alot for him so he has to ride in the wagon. I sit there stare at him, cock my head, humph no work ...I walk off and turn with my butt facing DAD!!!

I played godzilla with my kitten friend (who was about my size) and then fell asleep in Mom's lap.

The B cell-activating factor (BAFF) and CXCL13 concentrations were determined via enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.

He is a little weak in his back legs, and has a little dry eye ..gets eye ointment for that. Luvs Harley the Grampy Pug Hooman Trainer Extraordinare Hello Friends it is I, Harley the Grampy Pug.

He also loves to go camping in the RV .tent for him BOL ...

Barney's #1 mom was forced to surrender him because of a very premature human baby coming in the house.

He was about to be sent to the pound at 10 years of age!!

Copper was adopted from the Vancouver SPCA at 11 years of age.

He was cowering and shaking in the corner of the kennel while a big dog stepped all over him :( I brought him home with the intention of fostering him for Chihuahua Rescue (yeah, right!

He visits his friends at the local seniors home very week and brings lots of smiles to everyone he meets.

Harley is a rescue pug, I was his foster mom, I was unable to find the perfect home for him and loved him...we adopted him... He loves to ride in the SUV, he is a total love sponge the more you give him the more he wants. One of his other loves is FOOD..acts like a 2 year old ..joke that if he gets sick we will pull out the boarshead rost beef, and that will make him well!! Moral of this Grampy tail is that if your human is a little slow, be patient they too can be trained. However I have lived to be 16 yrs old and in my day we did things a little different.... Well you see I do not appreciate when the peasants (Mom, Dad, Princess Vala V & Cheto) wake me up!!! Well if you are going to wake me up it better be good I mean filet mingon good not hamburger good ...

) and he became a permanent member of our family soon after.

He won my heart on the first day, and my husband's soon after.