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His bedroom walls were adorned with magazine photos, molding his eye and acting as an early, unconscious manifestation. His work hints at his childhood luster for outdoor adventure and drips with awe, presence, and a twist of badass attitude. It started in middle school but I didn’t really understand it at the time. I didn’t know any photographers and didn’t even understand that it could be a job.

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However, depending on the topic they choose, some students may incur some additional costs (eg research trips) for their dissertation in Year 3.I finally got my first camera during my senior year of college.I took a black and white film photography elective class.These moments and the characters they held burned indelible images in Mc Leod’s mind, informing the way he saw action within a landscape.Before he ever picked up a camera, he was in love with images. I would cut out the gallery photos and tape them to my walls, floor to ceiling. I truly lived in a kaleidoscope of action and adventure sports.Omna 180 HD also features a built-in motion sensor for detecting presence as well as both a mic and speaker.Other home security cameras have a narrower field-of-view and only offer one-way audio without a built-in speaker for two-way communication.They are used by just about every serious hunter and deer manager I know and they’re probably the most important advancement in deer hunting equipment since the compound bow.Here’s what my son Neil Dougherty and I have learned in the last decade about setting up trail cameras and analyzing photos to take mature bucks.Play with them in your living room first, and then run them for a while in the backyard.Walk back and forth in front of the camera at a variety of ranges (night and day) to see what sort of images they will produce. Targeting a little above your belt buckle is about right for moving deer. from target area • Set on a stout tree to prevent movement • Set about waist high • A solid dark background frames photos better • Avoid “limby” backdrops that obscure antlers • Clear brush near camera to avoid false trigger • Face cameras north if possible (to avoid sun glare) • Put a location identifier in the target area • Avoid areas where fog collects • Avoid setting up directly on stand sites, the cameras will alert deer • Check operation and target acquisition Taking Inventory Most hunters want to target mature bucks.